Tableau Training from Perception provides our clients with the essential knowledge to optimise the value of the software. Specifically Perception Tableau Training covers:

  1. Working with data
    1. preparation of data for Tableau
    2. working with data types
    3. manipulation of data and data types
    4. joining data sources in Tableau
    5. data blending


  2. Calculations
    1. calculated fields
    2. calculated fields based on logical tests
    3. calculations based on datasets with different levels of granularity
    4. level of detail calculations
    5. calculated dimensions
    6. calculations with parameters


  3. Charts
    1. overview of different chart types
    2. continuous vs discrete values
    3. changing measures and dimensions with parameters
    4. formatting options
    5. table calculations (YoY, YTD, MoM, Running Total/Avg., etc.)
    6. bins and its use for presenting distribution
    7. sets
    8. additional training on how to create market basket analysis, Pareto chart and other


  4. Dashboards
    1. stacked vs floating design
    2. filtering data (filters, using charts as filters)
    3. hiding/displaying objects based on parameters



We have developed our Tableau Training into 3 Course types to meet each individual company’s preferred needs.

1) Tableau Fundamentals Training – 2 Days

  • This course can take a maximum of 8-10 people who will be trained by one of our highly skilled consultants.

2) Knowledge Transfer & Deliverable

  • On this Tableau Training course a maximum of 4 people with fundamental understanding of the software will be trained on a specific number of day/s. Each participant will be assisted in building a dashboard using your own data. ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) must have been performed on the data beforehand.

3) Data/Dashboard Tableau Training Workshop

  • Again, a maximum of 4 people with fundamentals, will work with clean demo data to learn ‘tips and tricks’. Your data can be used, but ETL must have been performed prior.


To find out more about our Tableau Training, simply contact us by email on [email protected] or call us at your convenience.