Perception has been Tableau Partners in Ireland even before Tableau Ireland was in Ireland!

So why a post about Tableau Ireland? Well, there are several reasons. First, though there’s a “back story” that will provide some of the reason and further context.

Tableau Ireland

Perception registered as a company in 2007. In those days, we used the brand as a vehicle to provide consulting, primarily in the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) space.

In another part of the world and about four years before that, a little-known company was launched by three men. Namely, *Pat Hanrahan, Christian Chabot, and Chris Stolte. That company was none other than Tableau. It would take another 12 years for Tableau to move an office into Ireland. A few years before that though Christian Chabot would call up our founder and CEO, Peter McParland, and they would meet for a few pints in Dublin to discuss business and more importantly have the craic ;).

Before Tableau Ireland

However, I digress. As I said, before Tableau came to Ireland there was Perception. We developed the Tableau business with and alongside Tableau through licensing, training, and consulting. We did this, and do this for companies across the Irish enterprise spectrum. Including Bank of Ireland, KPMG, FBD, Irish Life, NSAI to name a few. As first adopters, these and many other companies received Certified Tableau Training and Consulting through Perception even then. Those were early days for Tableau in Ireland.

Christian knew that Perception had taken on the Tableau product range and ethos with gusto. Our customers recognised that since they already trusted us with their data and system, that the natural and strategic thing to do was trust Perception to shape and visualise their data too. Perception was still a young company. However, we also had a depth of experience that we leveraged to deliver the high level of training, ETL – Extract Transform & Load data functions, as well as dashboard development & data governance that these companies demanded.

Tableau Ireland Certified Training and Consulting

Over the years we built a strong team of…

  • Certified Tableau Trainers
  • Certified Tableau Desktop Professionals (and associates)
  • as well as Server Certified Professionals

Our people would also have relevant degrees in their areas of interest and expertise. Perception and our people have invested both time and money in these certifications. As with all Tableau Certification, they are not easily handed out.

As example, both Tableau Train the Trainer and Server Certified Professional require extensive time spent in London (for EMEA) for training. The latter only certified following an exam which can only take place at the Tableau Conference. This investment is a journey for our people and is hard won, as anybody who has attempted or gained these certifications would espouse. They are proud of their achievements and well should be.

Proud of our People

Perception are also very proud of them.

It is this fact that rankles, particularly in a smaller market like Ireland where competition would be tight and competitors tout that they are certified trainers. Grrrr. I for one do not normally whinge about competitors, as customers always have the obvious right to decide who they would prefer to do business with. However, when competitors disingenuously peddle that they are certified trainers, but in fact may only be a desktop associate, or may only have Tableau Author status, that I take pause, and wonder at their integrity. Just because you are certified in a related Tableau discipline does not make you certified to deliver training – even if you can.

You gotta earn it!

Tableau Ireland Hard work does pay off

You see you have not earned that right. It takes countless hours of prepping and delivering to Tableau’s exacting standards. You have not made the monetary investment trusting that the training engagements will follow. Our trainers must also keep their certification by receiving constant feedback. Our customers complete surveys from each and every course that we deliver. Do you? These surveys are managed by Tableau directly. Just another way that they monitor and keep up the extremely high training standards within the partner community. It doesn’t come easy.

It’s here that I say shame on you.

And categorically state that only Perception can say that we have Tableau Certified Training in Ireland. Yes, we have Tableau Server Certified Professionals here, in Ireland, delivering courses to some of the best and largest companies in Ireland, the UK and across the world (particularly since we are certified in Virtual Live Courses (VLC) training too). VLC training from Dublin allows us to deliver training for our global customers and Tableau anywhere.

We are Tableau Certified.

In Summary

If you are looking to partner with a company that has a great history with Tableau across Ireland and the world. Should you be looking for Certified Training, Consulting or Server professionals from some of the smartest and dedicated people in the Tableau Community. Or, do you need consulting from Tableau Professionals that have real world experience across multiple domains? – then get in touch with a company that values integrity and the highest standards in delivery – Perception.

*An interesting fact about Pat Hanrahan is that he was also a founding employee of Pixar. Pat has been credited in numerous productions, including Toy Story.