Prepare, analyze, create, and share

Tableau Creator gives full analytics capabilities to analysts and power users. Creator includes Tableau Desktop, which enables you to connect to virtually any data anywhere, giving you the ability to analyze your data at the speed of thought. The Creator license includes Tableau Server or Tableau Online, giving users the ability to publish, govern and share their work anywhere. Starting in Tableau 2018.1, Creators can now complete their analysis directly in the browser, with a full end-to-end web authoring experience.

Creator also includes our new data preparation product, Tableau Prep–at no additional cost. Data prep is one of the biggest challenges facing our customers today. We’ve designed Tableau Prep to simplify common data preparation tasks—such as joins, unions, pivots, cleaning, and aggregations—with a drag-and-drop experience. No scripting required. With Tableau Prep, you can see how each step affects the output so you can get to your desired results faster, with greater confidence in your final data set.

  • Connect to any type of data
  • Visual data preparation with Tableau Prep
  • Powerful analytics with Tableau Desktop and Tableau Server
  • Includes everything in Tableau Explorer