“Since its inception,” Gartner states, “Tableau has been sharply focused on enhancing the analytic workflow experience for users with ease of use being the primary goal of much of its product development efforts.”

Tableau delivers analytical depth without compromising on ease of use. Tableau’s mission is to help people see and understand their data. Born out of Stanford University, Tableau quickly became the world’s fastest growing software company. With a Research & Development investment at the top end of the spectrum, Tableau is the moving target other vendors are striving to catch. It is the easiest to use and most versatile data analysis tool on the market. It does it all, from data discovery to designing powerful interactive dashboards. It allows you to communicate effectively and tell stories with your data. Furthermore, it provides you with options for data preparation and allows information to be combined from different sources for richer analysis.

Tableau disrupted the Business Intelligence (BI) marketplace by moving focus from the BI developer to the business user – by moving the data closer to the business user and designing Tableau from the perspective of the business user. Tableau have focused on what works on the screen for interacting with, manipulating and visualizing data. The interface allows the user to be guided by the visual cues on screens in front of them, to keep them in the flow of analysis. Tableau delivers an intuitive drag and drop functionality which gets users to the answers they are looking for in a seamless fashion.

Tableau Visualization Gif

Tableau’s ease of use is all about delivering an intuitive interface designed to deliver trusted data sources to the business user, and an intuitive interface for the business user to explore their data and get to insights with the minimal amount of effort and time. This is why Tableau has a large community of enthusiasts. Other competing solutions require users to either learn new languages such as M or DAX, or to revert to the BI development team to script for them. Tableau is designed from the ground up, to deliver user adoption and rapid speed to insight for business users without recourse to scripting or programming.

The popularity of Tableau within the business user community of the world’s leading enterprises stems from the steep change in focus that it brought to BI. Tableau, by its nature, generates enthusiasm in its community and there is a supportive community for enthusiasts to learn and be inspired by each other. With thousands of users active on the Tableau Community site, there is no end to the tips, tricks and ready responses for business users looking for inspiration and methods of getting new insights from their data.

Find out more about each of the products below:

  • Tableau Desktop gives users the full breadth of functionality to connect to data, develop and publish visualisations
  • Tableau Prep provides a solid and intuitive platform that allows users to clean and shape data for more comprehensive analysis
  • Tableau Server and Tableau Online serve as streamlined and robust platforms which allow users to browse and consume reports

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