We had a blast this week at our Tableau events in The Dean Dublin. On October 26th we are doing it all again in Glasgow! We have a great agenda lined up for the day which consists of two separate sessions.

9:30 to 12:30 – Tableau Training

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The morning training session will be delivered by Louise Shorten. Louise is one of our trainers at Perception and was selected as a Tableau Public featured author earlier in 2017. She will cover the areas below in a condensed 2.5 hour session and will share Tableau tips and tricks.

Topics covered will include: Desktop Workflow, Connecting to data, Arranging your data, Building Graphs, Filtering, Creating Groups, Slicing Data by Date, Mapping Data Geographically, Customizing Your Data, Quick Table Calculations, Building Dashboards.

13:30 to 17:00 – Improving Sales and Marketing Insights – It all starts with your data

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The theme for the afternoon event is ‘It all starts with your data’, with a focus on Sales and Marketing data. Data is everywhere and is accumulating at a rate never seen before. It can be an extremely valuable asset for companies. Companies that traditionally might not have been interested in data know that they need to understand their businesses in an increasingly digitised landscape. If you’re not analysing the data that your company is generating and accumulating, you’re simply not going to be gaining competitive advantage. Data can help answer questions, form the foundation for solid decision making and even help predict the future. It needs to be managed in order for this to be achieved and needs the right people asking the right questions. Perception will share some insights into how we are helping our clients manage, transform and analyse their data in order to uncover the insights within.

Tableau’s mission is to help people see and understand their data and we are firm believers in that mission. Tableau’s intuitive interface makes exploring your data fun. You can bring in data from disparate sources, merge it in a way that’s relevant for your business and ask and answer questions while staying in the flow. You can explore your data in a visual way, getting at the insights quicker than you would from a standard report or spreadsheet. You also uncover patterns you might otherwise have missed and it allows you to communicate information in an engaging way. Tableau are an innovate company who are continually enhancing their products and platforms in an effort to make this process even easier.

We are excited to have guest speaker Brian Hills from the Data Lab join us for the afternoon’s session. Brian is Head of Data at the Data Lab, an innovative hub in Scotland and enables collaboration between Industry, Public Sector and Universities. The Data Lab is bringing these three pillars together with the overarching goal of leveraging data science. It is an integral part of the data science community and puts resources and funding into initiatives across the country. The three core areas that they focus on are below. You can read more here.

  • Collaborative Innovation
  • Skills and Training
  • Community Building

Scottish Television

The event will be held in STV‘s offices. We will hear from Andy McLennan, Data Product Owner and Mark Mikolajczak, Data Scientist from STV Group about how they have personalised customer experience by leveraging Tableau. STV is Scotland’s leading digital media brand. They provide consumers with quality content and their presentation will take the audience through a journey from discontent with the existing business intelligence (BI) solution through to delighting the c-team with speed of insight on previously unseen visualisations of data. The objective for the organisation is to become more data focused with reporting and analytics available to relevant individuals at their desk across the organisation. They selected Tableau to provide the organisation with a way to organise and present data in a manner which is meaningful. Tableau empowers the organisation to self serve, also providing insights and allowing the data team to manipulate data to identify anomalies and root causes for any changes within key metrics. STV were delighted with the rate of adoption of Tableau. Within a short time frame they have delivered many dashboards delivering key and new insights into data critical for revenue generation and growth.

Please join us on the 26th October in STV’s offices below if you’re interested in hearing more from us.

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