Web App DevelopmentPerception and Web App Development

Web App Development – With the continuing advances in cross operating system compatibility, web browser performance and moves towards a maintenance-free approach for the end user, the popularity of web applications has exploded over the past decade, so much so that the performance of many is beginning to rival that of native applications.

At Perception, we are experts in building powerful and scalable web applications that are custom-made to our clients’ specifications and requirements. Through adherence to agile development processes and by implementing best code practices laid out by industry giants, we pride ourselves in developing high quality, high performing apps.

Whether your application is a small internal system that will increase the efficiency of your team, or is a large-scale app intended for the consumer market, Perception’s team of talented and knowledgeable developers leverage new technological platforms and frameworks, helping you to reach your end goal.

We will be there with you at every step of the project, from the strategy phase all the way through to delivery and maintenance. With every question that arises – What problems will this project solve and what opportunities will it create? How do we integrate with your existing workflows? – we will work together to answer and create a product that is truly customized for you.

We know that the experience of the end user is crucial to the success of any application and with that in mind, we strive to develop every web app to the highest UX and front-end design standard while maintaining performance.

Although every web application is different, we aim to provide our clients with access to as much in-house maintainability and support as possible. Perception understands that you should be in control of your content. You shouldn’t have to create a work order to maintain simple content in your application.

We have partnered with businesses and organisations across Ireland and the UK, creating web applications that have produced real results. At Perception, our aim is the same as yours: let’s work together to make the most effective decisions, the wisest investment and the best web application possible.