Discovery & Requirements

Our process of Discovery & Requirements at Perception

Discovery & Requirements – The first step in the process is for us to understand your business and your needs. Questions stem from our natural curiosity and drive the discovery process. We are keen to understand the business models, goals and strategies of our customers, so that we have a common vision of what a successful outcome looks like.

We help steer organisations by asking the pertinent questions. Collaboration, both internally in your organisation and through partnership with Perception, can help you to align your analytics journey with your organisation’s overall strategy. Through a solid understanding of the domain in which you work and your organisation’s objectives within its industry, we can assist in delivering strategic value.

We will start by simply asking questions in order for us to understand your company’s business and get a picture of the current data and reporting infrastructure. We will then take time to understand the questions that you have. We normally conduct workshops with key members of your team. We meet with the people who understand your business requirements and the people with a deep knowledge of your data sources and infrastructure. Once we have a clear understanding of the current framework and know what your future needs are, we can document and plan accordingly. Starting with your data and looking at the desired output at the end of the process, we can establish the steps that need to be carried out along the way. We document the process in a User Requirement Specifications (URS) document and record both the functional and non-functional requirements, assigning higher priority to the critical requirements. This structure ensures that stakeholders have a clear understanding of the proposed courses of action, and enables us to meet expectations accordingly.