Dashboard DevelopmentDashboard Development at Perception

Dashboard Development – We are true believers in the value dashboards offer businesses. Our consultants have been trained in providing insightful visualisations that get the best from the underlying data. We have years of experience in delivering thousands of dashboards to users, from board level reporting to real-time tracking of operational activity.

We have seen what works really well for our customers in terms of enabling businesses to monitor performance. Effective dashboards are connected to the relevant data and are carefully planned, giving priority to business-critical key performance indicators. Data often comes from disparate sources and needs to be transformed and consolidated before it can be analysed. Once the solid structure is in place from a data perspective, the dashboard can tie everything together to display one view of the business. They show key metrics, enabling business executives to glean the most pertinent insights very efficiently.

Interactive dashboards are extremely powerful tools and this is where dashboards really come into their own. They allow users the flexibility to see a high-level view at one glance, to give context and an overall understanding of the status of an organisation. By the same token, with the click of a mouse or a tap of a screen, the same dashboard can allow exploration and let the user analyse and drill into areas where further questions arise. Questions can be asked and answered in real time. With teams investigating the data at the level they chose, people can collaborate and make data-driven decisions on business critical-matters. Dashboards can be customised in order to meet the needs of the users. They are thus very flexible and dynamic, allowing the business user decide what information they want to see and how they want to see it. We use flexible solutions and products which can be developed to meet your needs. We also have experience developing data-driven presentations for businesses that want to communicate with their organisation in an engaging way. Alternatively, maybe you want a more static infographic to promote your business or raise awareness about a cause. We have an eye for design and a passion for telling stories with data. The options are infinite, and can be based around the needs of an individual business.

Dashboards enable meaningful conversations, where everyone is on the same page and can focus on the critical areas of the business that need to be addressed. The first step in achieving that is to have solid requirements which describe the needs of the business and the stakeholders. Not all dashboards are created equal. We pay attention to the things that matter, focusing on chart type, use of colour, fonts and titles in order to create beautiful and functional dashboards that people want to interact and engage with. We recognise that it is critical to understand your audience in the planning and design process. We are happy to work with our customers in order to help them build tools that will support them in delivering value for their organisations.