Bespoke App Development for Devices and Mobile Phones

Bespoke Software Development by PerceptionSo you want bespoke app development for your idea or product?

You want it developed for Android for Google Play and iOS for the App Store. In addition, you kinda know what it should look like and what it connects to and maybe where the data comes from. Furthermore, you also know your budget and when you need it completed or, it could be that maybe you don’t.

Your challenge is that you may not know all the steps in-between or maybe you do and just don’t have the capability or the capacity to fit it in to your current roadmap.

Perception to the rescue as we do bespoke app development!

We develop and deploy bespoke applications according to your specifications. Ooh, you don’t have a specification document… No problem there either. Perception will perform a User Requirements Specification (URS) with you that will take your idea and break it down into byte (see what I did there) sized chunks that will allow you to clearly understand the effort involved in bringing your app to market. Since we use Agile Development Methodology you are assured that your project is delivered on time and in budget according to your specification.

Bespoke App Development for Business

But wait, maybe you just need an application for internal use in your company or organisation and perhaps it’s a “bridging” application or middleware that allows two or more systems to be used in a single User Interface (UI) and writes back the interaction to your database for reporting or invoicing or whatever. Maybe you would like your reps to have up to date sales and stock information to communicate directly with your customers onsite. Maybe you need a workflow based on tasks you perform every day and now need it validated and captured for archiving and reporting. Perception are able to provide a cross platform solution that is robust and scalable, whatever your requirement. Once again, all tasks are captured in a URS and then delivered and deployed according to your specification using Agile Methodology.

Along with the above Software Development Application services we can also provide iterative and phased development that will allow your application to grow. A managed service or support service can also be put in place to protect your investment and allow it keep up with technology and ever changing platforms.

Perception have developed applications ranging from HR to Finance and we would be delighted to take on your next project.

If you require Web App Development you can find out more here.