Where are you on your journey of data discovery?

In today’s digital age, we are continually accumulating data in all its shapes and sizes. Companies are challenged with the task of managing and consolidating data from a variety of sources in order to leverage this information to add value. It’s important to identify the relevant data, the data that can answer the critical questions you are asking about your business. We come across organisations at different stages of their analytics journey and we can accompany them on this journey, offering guidance and support to meet their requirements. As companies grow, different departments might be at different stages of the journey.

Where do you want to get to?

Some companies have a clear vision of where they want to go in terms of their data management and analysis and want assistance with certain areas. Others benefit from talking through the process, assessing what their needs are. It often starts with a good question. Who is using my website more frequently, paid or non-paid members? Which customers make up the majority of my sales or raise the highest volume of complaints? Analysis needs to be carried out and results then need to be evaluated. This discovery process is often iterative as new questions arise.

Perception can help

We have a team of smart, highly-skilled people who are eager to understand the nuances of your business and your data and help you answer the critical questions.

We find that our customers use our services either to assist from a capability or from a capacity perspective. You might need someone with a specific skill-set for a fixed period of time. We can provide you with the people to help you meet your objectives. Or perhaps you need extra capacity to alleviate pressure on your team.

We love working with other passionate people who are eager to use their data to gain competitive advantage.