Perception Trebles Workforce – 30 new jobs for Dublin

(Wednesday 27th January 2016)

Perception, the Irish, specialist, data analytics consulting company, today announced 30 new jobs to be filled in the next two years. Perception provides data analytics consulting services to companies with complex, big data sets, across many business areas such as financial services, retail, manufacturing, government, education and health.

Perception began operating three years ago and has grown year on year with offices in Dublin and Manchester. Commenting on the announcement of the 30 new roles, Perception Co-Founder and CEO, Peter McParland said that “Our Team has been in the technology arena for many years and we saw a business niche for Perception, with dedicated, passionate data analytics specialist’s, flexible to customer requirements. We started Perception specifically to help companies easily analyse their data, no matter what data they use, on whatever platform they have it on, across many business types. We focus on what the business owner wants to know from their data and we help them access that knowledge easier and faster, allowing them make business decisions quickly. Our business has grown significantly since we began in 2013 and we trebled our turnover in 2015. To continue our expansion plans, we are looking for 30 new recruits in the next two years, especially software developers, business analysts, data scientists, business intelligence consultants and sales and marketing experts.”

“Our client base has grown significantly. We offer specialised Business Intelligence consulting, development, training, support and managed services to our growing client numbers across many sectors. To enable Perception get the best for our clients, we work with some of the leading software suppliers around the globe including Tableau, the market leading analytics and visualisation software that allows people to see and understand data”, Peter added.

The company currently has offices in Dublin and in the UK (Manchester) and serves its clients across the UK and Ireland.

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