We are very excited about our upcoming event at The Dean hotel. It takes place on the 11th of October and we have a fantastic agenda lined up over the course of the day. The day will be split up into two sessions.

Training with a

Certified Tableau Trainer

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In the morning session, Caio Assuncao, a Certified Tableau Trainer, will run through some of the great features Tableau has to offer and provide some of his top tips & tricks. Caio is passionate about the field of analytics and has a great of way of communicating and teaching. This session will be perfect for beginners who want to get an overview of some of the key features, or for people who want to brush up on their skills. It will also cover some of the more complex features, so will be of value for intermediate users too. If you want a more comprehensive and structured training course, why not check these out on our Tableau Training page.

Caio will cover the following topics:

  • Desktop Workflow
    •  find out how you go from you get move from your data, to analysis to insight the Tableau way
  • Connecting to data
    • look at the ways you can connect and different types of in-built native connectors
  • Arranging your data –
    • it’s often necessary to modify or prepare you data before analysing – find out some tips
  • Building Graphs –
    • get the basics and see how you can drag and drop with ease and visualise your data
  • Filtering –
    • focusing on the relevant data is important – we will look at some different filtering options
  • Creating Groups
    • organise your data in line with how you need it structured so as to provide the most meaning
  • Slicing Data by Date
    • it’s critical to understand how Tableau handles dates in order to carry out the relevant analysis
  • Mapping Data Geographically
    • maps add context and can make views engaging to a wider audience – look at how to map data
  • Customizing Your Data
    • sometimes we have more questions and need to adapt our data in using calculations
  • Quick Table Calculations
    • there are various options Tableau provides which allow you to carry out more complex analysis
  • Building Dashboards
    • dashboards allow you to bring together rich views of your data together, allow interactivity


It all starts with your data!

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In the afternoon session, we take a look at how companies can leverage analytics to great effect and get more insights from their Sales and Marketing data. These functions are critical to every business. We help organisations manage the vast amounts of data which are continually accumulating. We assist them in bringing it together so they have a clear view, can explore through visualisation and get actionable insights. We have a broad range of services and can support our clients from a capacity or a capability perspective. We have consultants who specialise in database design, data transformation, process automation and dashboard development and can find the appropriate combination to meet your needs. We also offer training and support services to ensure widespread adoption. We have seen how sales and marketing teams have leveraged Tableau and analytics to their advantage. From tracking performance or looking at churn analysis, to enhancing customer experience and understanding customer behaviours – we understand what is working for companies and what has delivered value. We have seen lots of examples of how sales and marketing data can be analysed and visualised to increase customer engagement, support brand awareness and ultimately facilitate data-driven decision making. We are looking forward to sharing our insights.

With the help of Tableau, we assist customers to see and understand their data. This powerful software allows you to bring your data together and shine a light on it, enabling explorative analysis and the ability to see patterns and trends. You can blend and join your data from disparate sources, whether it’s an SQL database, an MS Excel sheet with some survey data or even a PDF report that you’ve sourced somewhere on the internet. Insights can be gleaned and you find yourself asking and answering questions. When it comes to sales and marketing data, there are an increasing number of sources. Companies need to understand web traffic, clicks, subscriptions, survey data, sales and expenditure, campaign results – the list goes on. It is important to define metrics that matter, ones which align to the objectives of the organisation. This will inform decisions about which data is relevant. We find that considerable time often needs to be spent at the data layer. Effort needs to be put in to getting that right, prioritising what matters most so that everything else can follow.

Showtime Analytics partner with stakeholders across the entire cinema value chain to analyse, visualise and ultimately monetise their data on a global basis. Showtime are headquartered in Dublin with offices in the Ukraine and China. As part of the Alibaba group Showtime enable cinemas big and small across the globe to leverage their data so that they can understand customer behaviour, increase engagement and gain insights. This ultimately helps companies gain competitive advantage. From what a cinema goer snacks on while watching a movie, to what they are watching and when, they are supporting customers to consolidate data and present information in a manner that is easy to digest. Showtime place a high value on what Tableau allows them achieve for their customers. They are using Tableau to demonstrate to customers and potential customers the value in analysing and visualising data across different areas of their organisations and would like to share their story.