Perception has developed and distilled our product offerings to provide a product that can be personalised for every company. Simply put, the essence of our offering revolves around


1. Business owns the creative and the analytical work.
2. IT is employed to do what they do best, better.
3. Great visualisations are the beginning not the end of adoption. They are a part (but not all) of analytical culture.
4. Drive provides a plan that expands vision and reduces risk in deploying enterprise-wide analytics.
5. The methodology supports a partner ecosystem which will include intranets, training, workflow, automations, collaboration and so on.


For Perception this is change management, but it won’t work if

•  IT and Business are at war
•  The organisation thinks business users should not have data
•  The supporting technology is not nimble
•  There is no champion
In short, this is a partnership that works for our clients.


Using Tableau Drive allows Perception to provide the agile service that by keeping business closer to development improves quality, speed and flexibility.

The key benefits of Drive are:
•  It provides a blueprint for an IT-Business partnership
•  Useful analytics are available right away
•  Proven deployment strategies exist for all instances
•  There’s a broad and sustainable adoption of Drive across the world