Perception Consulting ltd. People & Culture

People & Culture at Perception, our strength is in our dynamic and passionate consultants.

Working with Europe’s leading enterprises, our consultants are of the highest caliber. They all have deep experience implementing analytics for enterprises and are qualified in their fields of expertise. Our people are passionate about what they create for customers and this passion is transferred to our customers through the projects and developments that we deliver.

We want to enable you to manage and gain insights from your data. Perception people are all committed to this. Not creating black-box solutions, but by empowering our customers. Perception people are focused on empowering business users to take ownership of their analytics solutions as quickly as possible assisting where required on capability and capacity. Our deep experience in the field of data analytics and data management can be transferred across multiple industries to deliver meaningful insights and add value.

The culture of our organisation is one which fosters the passion of each individual so that they flourish. We value people and trust them to look after our customers as we look after them. Our culture is one which encourages collaboration and learning in this ever changing environment of business intelligence. We believe in investing in the development of our people who are eager to keep informed about the latest technologies.